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Say hello to a better business bank

Say Hello to a Better Business Bank.

The local bank that makes local business a priority.

Eaton Community Bank gets you—because we’re a local small business, too, a community bank that operates nowhere else. Even more, Eaton is a distinct type of community bank—one with a mutual structure. That means we’re owned by customers, not stockholders. So we answer only to you.

Since local business is all we’ve done for decades—and since we’re one ourselves—Eaton knows local business like no one else. Think you’re too small for us? Not a chance. We love lending a hand to businesses the big banks think aren’t worth their time.

Princess River Boats

A local bank for local business.

Princess River Boats

Chris Chamberlain, owner of Princess Riverboats, talks about growing his business amidst the pandemic and how that was possible working with Eaton Community Bank.

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cash flow meet cash flood

Cash flow meet cash flood.

Gain more confidence in your cash position.

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Capital meet can do

Capital meet can do.

Get to know the lenders who are eager to say yes.

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Red tape meet scissors

Red tape meet scissors.

Bid farewell to the runaround and bureaucracy.

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Time crunch meet time saver

Time crunch meet time saver.

Get smarter tools to help you save time and money.

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