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Eaton Express Guarantee | Trusted to bring you home faster

15-Day Loan Closing

Or we'll give you an $800 credit towards closing costs. 

In today's competitive housing market, a quick and efficient loan closing can be the difference maker. With Eaton Community Bank, you get knowledgeable, local lenders who can help bring you home sooner. Since 1937, we've been helping Michigan homebuyers just like you.

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Buying a home is a pretty big deal. For most of us, it's the biggest purchase we'll ever make. Since 1937, Eaton Community Bank has been helping Michigan homebuyers like you. We know every buyer's needs are different, and we offer a variety of loans - so no matter what you're looking for, we can help.

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Let Eaton Bring You Home

We give you the confidence you need to plan your move with our Eaton Express Guarantee for a 15-day loan closing.* If we are unable to do so, you will receive an $800 credit towards closing costs. It's a win-win for you.

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Eaton Express Guarantee

Advantages include:

  • More attractive offer to sellers
  • More bargaining control
  • Fast application approvals
  • Accelerated processing and underwriting
  • More confidence in the homebuying process

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* 15-day guarantee is business days and only applies to purchase transactions. This guarantee does not apply to FHA, VA, USDA, or Down Payment Assistance loans. The guarantee does not apply if events occur beyond the control of Eaton Community Bank, including but not limited to; appraised value, escrow or title delays, 2nd lien holder approval, short sale approval, or lender conditions that cannot be met by any party. The 15-day guarantee begins when the borrower has provided all the requested income, employment, asset, and collateral documentation. If Eaton Community Bank fails to meet this commitment, a $800 credit will be applied towards closing costs. Eaton Community Bank reserves the right to amend or terminate its 15-day closing guarantee at any time and without notice. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.


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