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Beyond the Checking Account
Eric McKinney
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Beyond the Checking Account

Beyond the Checking Account

You might think of “the bank” as the place where you merely keep your savings, but in reality, there's a lot more that we can do for our customers here at Eaton. Beyond keeping a watchful eye over your hard-earned cash we also offer an extensive array of convenience services, ranging from wire transfers to safety deposit boxes and everything in between. We’ve taken the liberty of describing just a few of the benefits available to our customers below.

Notary Services

A notarization is generally an assurance statement issued by a Notary Public that essentially states that a given document’s signature is legitimate, that the signer was not under duress at the time of signing, and that the full terms and effects of said document were agreed to and understood to be in full affect by both parties involved. This service is offered in-house at all of our locations.

The Notary Public will have to review any documents in their entirety, so be ready to allot as much time as necessary for the process. You’ll also need to bring an acceptable form of ID with you. For additional information about notary requirements in Michigan, consult with a legal advisor or contact your Secretary of State's office or other state or local notary authority in your area.

College, Retirement, and Estate Planning

Here at Eaton, we believe that part of living for today means planning for a secure tomorrow, especially when it comes to your finances. That’s why we have dedicated teams that can help you plan out and rise to meet some of the more daunting and costly financial milestones you might run into down the road. Short term or long term, our staff is dedicated to coming up with a detailed plan on how you can start saving for your future while still meeting the costs of today.

Rent Payment Collection

Collecting rent through one of our local branches can streamline the entire collection process and get you your money on time. It can be a stressful task to coordinate payments when working with multiple tenants, so why not sit down with a member of our branch staff and work out a plan to best suit your needs? Come on down or call any of our branch locations and we can connect you with one of our experts to make your rent collection headaches a thing of the past.

Financial Education Center

Part of what it means to be a community bank involves educating folks on financial literacy. On our website, we’ve compiled a list of guides and resources in our Financial Education Center that can be incredibly helpful in trying to learn how to navigate the tricky landscape that is finance. From college savings, to retirement planning, and even general investing advice, we’ve got the knowledge and the means to help get you started on any financial undertaking.

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