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Say hello to community strength


We’re donating $9,000 and need your help. Nominate today.

The vitality of our communities is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in supporting like-minded organizations that help make our communities great. 

To underscore this commitment, we’re donating a total of $9,000 to five local, non-profit organizations. We need your help to tell us who to donate to and how we should make the donations! It is easy to participate.

First, make a nomination. 

Now through October 31, 2021, nominate a local organization that is making a real difference in your community. Simply fill out the form to submit your nomination.

Next, vote! 

The top five organizations will move on to a community-wide vote held November 9-24, 2021. 

The organization with the most votes will get the top donation of $5,000!

The remaining four organizations will each receive a $1,000 donation. 

Donation winners will be announced on Giving Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

Eaton Community Bank is honored to be a part of our communities for more than 84 years. We celebrate the local organizations that are doing such meaningful work to better the lives of those they touch. Now more than ever, we need organizations like these ones to continue making a positive impact. That’s community strength.


Nominate an organization today!


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